When to Try Couples Therapy

Posted: November 12, 2019
Category: Relationships

“Couples Therapy” – a term that causes a lot of eye-rolls and angry outbursts of denial. Couples’ Therapy is something nobody wants to talk about, but sometimes, we have to. If you’re experiencing conflict with your partner, and are considering couples’ therapy as a solution, the decision can be tough to make – especially if your desire to test the couples’ therapy waters is onesided. Sit your partner down and go over the talking points we’re about to share with you. If you can relate to any of the below, now might be a good time to try couples’ therapy.


1. You don’t trust each other.

Trust is THE most important part of any relationship. Without it, there can be no relationship – and broken trust is one of the most common reasons behind couples seeking therapy. From past infidelity to emotional affairs, deception, or something else, rebuilding trust is tough alone. Just remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and with help from a qualified couples’ counselor, you can rebuild what you once had and bring the spark back to your relationship.


2. There’s no communication.

Apart from trust, communication is everything in a relationship. It’s important to be open about how you’re feeling. Bottling things up is a recipe for disaster. The right couples’ counselor can show you what tools to use to start connecting with your partner again, understanding their side of every story as well as your own.


3. We argue a lot.

If your arguments are becoming more frequent and potent, especially about small things that turn into unnecessary blow-outs, there are likely more serious issues below the surface that need to be addressed. Most people becoming dysfunctional during conflict, blind to the other party’s side of the story. Humans are passive-aggressive by nature, prone to lashing out and unleashing nasty comments as a coping mechanism. For obvious reasons, this can make your problems much, much worse.



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4. Instinct.

Sometimes, you simply feel like something is wrong – but you don’t know what. It’s important to trust your instinct here. Perhaps physical intimacy is a problem or you don’t feel as connected as you once did. With help from the right counselor, you can identify the deep-seated problems bugging you. Once you know what’s wrong, you’ll know what to fix. You’ll stop playing the blamegame and start the healing process.



If you are interested in couples’ counseling, but don’t know where to begin, you should consider online therapy.

Online couples’ counseling is a smart way to get all the benefits of traditional counseling, with one key difference – you don’t need to leave your home. All you need is your partner and an internetconnect device.

We’re home to a growing network of skilled, qualified couples’ counselors who’ve saved countless relationships from implosion. Why not visit our website today to see if online couples’ therapy is for you? There are no commitments or obligations. It could just end up being the best decision you’ve ever made.

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