Anxiety can be debilitating, preventing you from living a normal life. While everyone worries a little from time to time, it is a whole other ball game where fear is a permanent part of life. Looking for a counsellor near me may not even be on your radar at this time, as the fear of speaking to a counsellor in person can trigger the anxiety – and that’s where online therapy or therapy session via telephone can help.

Anxiety often gets worse with time, severely impacting your ability to function at work, school, or home. It is very common in adults and children and can affect the relationships you care about most. In fact, studies show that up to 6 million people in the UK suffer from an anxiety disorder, and many of these people would benefit from therapy sessions to treat their anxiety.

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Psychotherapy uses a range of treatment techniques to work through your anxiety and help you live a better, more fulfilling life. The anxiety caused by needing to visit an office and speak with a counsellor can easily be negated with the use of online therapy or telephone therapy sessions, although in-person therapy sessions are always available. You can look for a counsellor near me, or you can talk directly to the counsellor online from whatever location is most comfortable for you.

Untreated, anxiety will often get worse, causing more problems in your life, until every little thing may cause the anxiety to heighten. Choosing to treat it is a bold decision, but one that will have a great effect on your whole day to day life. There is a way forward, and a counsellor near me can help you live your life to the full.

To see if online therapy is for you, choose your therapist and book your first session through our website today. We’re here to help you.