Relationships troubles are never easy, and it’s not as simple as “leaving them and moving on.” We understand what love feels like – but we also understand where the line is. If you’re in a toxic or abusive relationship, you need to feel empowered to make better decisions for your future.

Marriage counselling and couples therapy can help if you and your partner are going through a rough patch but are committed to making it work. You can survive against all odds, because all hope is not lost. You’re not the first couple to have experienced problems and you won’t be the last, but we can help you to find what is needed to make it work.

It’s OK to not be OK, and it’s perfectly acceptable to ask for help. In fact, asking for help is usually the first step towards finding a resolution. Couples therapy really does work, and marriage counselling can make a difference to your lives and the lives of your family. When partners don’t see eye to eye, it often just takes another person to help them see things from another point of view.

Our certified psychotherapists have worked with countless couples like you, and this means we know how to make relationships whole again – or help you move on from one that’s doing no good. We’ve seen the warning signs before and can identify them even if you’re struggling to see what is true. Couples therapy doesn’t force you together but helps you to understand what is best for both of you.

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Psychotherapy is a powerful method, using a range of proven tools, techniques, and tactics to target the root of your problems and help you move onto a better future. Start the journey today by scheduling your first marriage counselling consultation or couples therapy session.