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Nobody can do everything alone. Get the support you need through professional Online Counselling service from a UK Qualified Therapist, online, in person, or on the phone.

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Online Counselling Online Therapy

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Online Counselling Online Therapy
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Don’t want to travel for an appointment? With online counselling, you don’t have to.

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Why commit when you can invest in just one session to see if you like us?

Online Counselling Online Therapy
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Everything you tell your online counsellor is shared with the utmost confidence and privacy.

Amazing experience. Top Notch!

My wife and I were having a bit of trouble… Covid pandemic brought us just that we bit too close together in the same house and somehow things just weren’t gelling anymore. To the point of explosion. Found a therapist on Inquire Talk and within just a few sessions she performed what seems like magic. We’re back to our old selves, laughing and joking again. She sees right inside and gets you to open up and be honest – and she does so in a beautiful way that really helped both of us tremendously. Thank you!

Sound, practical advice

My husband and I, have been going through a difficult time and Sarah helped us to get through it. She listened and helped us to see each other’s realities, but more importantly, she gave us tools to continue to see each other’s realities. She provided practices tools for my husband and me to talk and plan our lives together in a respectful way that meets both our needs (and our sons need). It has been 2 months since our last session and so far so good, a few ups and downs but we have tools to fall back on and work though it all.

Quick, easy, friendly and reliable service.

The support provided during what is, essentially, difficult times is brilliant. All questions asked and our situation tailored to.
So happy that this type of service is so readily available. Inquire Talk makes an often overwhelming process, quick, friendly and easy. Thank you

How does it work?

Online Counselling Online Therapy
Choose From a Range of
Qualified Therapists

You can choose from many qualified, experienced, and passionate psychotherapists, online therapists and online counsellors who are ready to support you.

Browse and pick your favourite according to cost, specialty, session type, and more.

Online Counselling Online Therapy
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Found your perfect match? You can make your booking in seconds, at a suitable time. You can cancel free of charge up to 48hrs before your appointment.

Skype and video conferencing, phone, and in-person sessions are available 7 days a week. All payments are 100% secure using the world’s most popular payment gateways for your peace of mind.

Online Counselling Online Therapy
Find Support on Any Topic

Relationship issues? Personal issues? Eating disorder? Anxiety depression? Career hurdles? No matter what you’re going through, Inquire Talk can help.

We’ve got a professional, verified UK licensed therapist available for almost every issue you can think of. All you need to do is ask.

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Online Counselling Online Therapy
Online Counselling Online Therapy
Online Counselling Online Therapy
Online Counselling Online Therapy
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