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Certified By: BACP
From: Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom (UK)
Type of session: Via Skype, Secure Video Call, Secure Text Chat, Via Phone
Also speaks: English

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Specialty: Abuse, Anxiety, Depression, Family, Grief, Relationships, Self - Esteem, Stress, Trauma
Target Age Group: Teenager, Adult, Me and my partner
Therapist Since: 1989
Hourly Rate 60£
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Trial Rate 50£

About Me

I’ve been counselling since 1989, and since then have been inspired by the resilience, bravery and sensitivity of the many adults, young people, families and couples I have worked with. I have extensive experience of working with sexual abuse and trauma, parenting and attachment difficulties, identity and relationship issues, depression and anxiety, bereavement and loss. I am committed to collaborating with you to find the resilient, hopeful part of yourself that becomes expert in managing your challenges and is motivated by the smallest signs of progress towards your preferred future.
I originally qualified as a Person-Centred counsellor, and have completed additional training in Transactional Analysis, Systemic Family Therapy, Attachment Based Therapy and Online Counselling. In 2007 I qualified as a Solution Focused Practitioner and this is how I prefer to work now. I have found the Solution Focused approach to be extremely effective in my personal life as well as in my work with clients.

My Experience

Rape Crisis Centre

Survivors’ Network

Youth Counselling Services (online and face to face)

Women’s Mental Health Charity

Family Support and Parenting Social Worker

Adoption Counsellor

Hospice Counsellor

Private Practice

Family Group Conference

Family Group Conference Co-Ordinator


My Approach

Essential characteristics of the Solution Focused approach include: seeing a person as being more than their problem; looking for personal resources rather than deficits, exploring possible and preferred futures; exploring what is already contributing to those futures and genuinely treating clients as the experts in their lives. Clients have valued this approach for a variety of reasons:

Because Solution Focused conversations do not require us to delve into the past, the number of sessions is typically fewer than with other forms of therapy and therefore provides good value for money.

Because of the emphasis on noticing small steps towards your preferred future, you are likely to begin feeling better very early on in therapy, which is highly motivating and will encourage you to continue.

Because you will learn some helpful techniques which you can apply to all aspects of your life, without the ongoing need of a therapist. You are in control and can decide when to end – you can always come back for a ‘top up’ session if you think it would be helpful.

Because small changes to one part of a family system or relationship can have a knock-on effect on other parts. If your partner or family member is unwilling to come to therapy, you may still be able to make helpful changes to your relationship.

Because there is no ‘normal’. I hope you will experience me as non-judgemental, welcoming and genuinely interested in your experience of all the things that have made you the person you are, the person you hope to be and the life you hope to lead.

Because it’s not about ‘looking on the bright side’, but instead aims to balance an acknowledgement of how challenging things are for you at the moment with identifying how you would like things to be in the future, and working towards that.




  1. 5 out of 5

    Sound, practical advice

    My husband and I, have been going through a difficult time and Sarah helped us to get through it. She listened and helped us to see each other's realities, but more importantly, she gave us tools to continue to see each other's realities. She provided practices tools for my husband and me to talk and plan our lives together in a respectful way that meets both our needs (and our sons need). It has been 2 months since our last session and so far so good, a few ups and downs but we have tools to fall back on and work though it all.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Amazing experience. Top Notch!

    My wife and I were having a bit of trouble... Covid pandemic brought us just that wee bit too close together in the same house and somehow things just weren't gelling anymore. To the point of explosion. Found Sarah and within just a few sessions she performed what seems like magic. We're back to our old selves, laughing and joking again. Sarah is a fantastic counselor. She sees right inside and gets you to open up and be honest - and she does so in a beautiful way that really helped both of us tremendously. I'd highly recommend her and her way of working to anyone!