Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions About Therapy And Our Service

This page is crafted to provide answers to the various queries you may have about therapy and our solutions. We hope you are satisfied with the answers provided, if not, you can always contact us for further inquiries. Our goal is to deliver the best possible online learning and therapy experience to develop your skills set and also make for a happier living. Do not hesitate -we’d be super delighted to hear from you!

Simply send us an email at

After your booking is secured, you will be able to contact a therapist via Inbox or by clicking a button Contact a therapist in the therapist profile description. You can communicate and ask your therapist any question during your first session. This should help you determine if the therapist is the perfect fit for you and also whether or not to proceed with the subsequent sessions.

According to several studies, online therapy is just as good as in-person therapy. However, the distinct benefits of online therapy is accessibility and convenience. Nevertheless, there are some type of therapies where in-person therapy is preferred.

To use our service, you must be at least 18 years old.

Payment And Cancellation

You can only cancel your session 48 hours before commencement. After that period the therapist would not have sufficient time to fill the slot assigned to you for another client. Therefore, you’ll need to reimburse the therapist for their booked time.

If you have any issues with our services, feel free to send us an email: We will look into, have it resolved and usually respond within 10 working days. If you want to complain about your therapist, please check bellow in the About the Therapists section.

Simply log into your account and cancel the original appointment – click on My account – bookings – and press cancel next to the session you want to cancel. Once done, carefully select another time that suits you better and book again. Kindly note that you can only do this at least 48 hours prior to the commencement of your booked session.

In the event whereby an appointment is canceled under 48 hours prior to commencement of your session, the therapist would not have sufficient time to fill the slot assigned to you for another client. Therefore, you’ll need to reimburse the therapist for their booked time.

You will get a full refund if you’re able to cancel your booked session 48 hours before the session time. You will also get reimbursed if the therapists cancel your booking 48 hours before the session time.

If you still have at least 48 hours before the start time of your booked session, simply login in to your account, click on My account – bookings – Upcoming bookings and press cancel next to the session you want to cancel. You will get a full refund if you have successfully paid and if a payment would have been taken (e.g. it was not your first session with that therapist) this will no longer be collected.

However, if you have less than 48 hours before a booked appointment you can still cancel the session but you will not get a refund.

Absolutely. Once your card has been charged, you will get a receipt from Stripe. Charges are made on your appointment, once you’ve successfully confirmed a bookedsession.

Pay for your session using any credit or debit card.

Upon your first appointment booking, you will be requested to enter your card information for payment and you will be charged instantly. Your following payments would then be charged to this card.

Do note that payments for subsequent sessions would be charged from your card 48 hours prior to the commencement of your booked session. Youdo not need to do anything once the therapist confirms your booking.

A notification would be sent to you in the event of a failed payment for any reason and requested to make the necessary alterations to ensure a successful charge is made.

In the event whereby a payment is unsuccessful by the time the session is due to start, it would be automatically canceled by our system.

Stripe takes care of all payments on Inquire Talk. It’s not only a convenient and highly secure system, but also provide adequateprotection for your sensitive credit card information (like number, expiry date or CVV code) with us.

No. Currently, this option is not available.

No, we are not covered bythe NHS. This also implies your therapist is not allowed to share your details or records with the NHS without your approval.

Advance payment shows your dedication and secures your session. You are free to cancel your session for a full refund, if done at least 48 hours prior to the commencement of the booked session

It is the decision of independent therapists to determine and set their individual rates for the services offered.

About Therapy

There is no restriction. You can raise any issue at your therapy session. The therapist will respect the confidentiality of all details bared, with exclusion of any intention tohurt yourself/others or have committed a serious crime. In such event, he or she is legally required to report the case to relevant parties or authorities

There are many kinds of therapy you can choose from. They mostly vary depending on the perspective as well as techniques incorporated.

In summary, a therapy session offers a great avenue whereby you can share your issues with an individual trained in advanced listening skills. Therapists do not offer advice, but only throw back your shared details and ask eye-opening questions to help you figure out the best way to move forward.

Some types of therapy sessions can give homework/assignments to be done in between sessions, while others just requires you to be punctual every week to resolve your concerns

In modern times, we have various types of therapy and you may just have to conduct a research to identify the one that perfectly works for you. You can go through our write up on therapy’s various schools of thought to kick start your journey.

The following are important factors to note:

- Identify whether the approach stems deeply into your past to locate the cause of your concerns, or places more focus only on the current situation and the future

- Determine whether or not the therapy is client-led ( i.e, if you have the control over the issues you wish to discuss each week or you have to be guided to discuss only some certain things)

- Check if the therapy takes a general approach to your life, or only focus on a particular aspect, like your relationships, reactions etc.

- Figure out the extent of the emphasis placed on client-therapist relationship by the approach.

- Determine whether or not the therapy is long-term one ( read our write up on the difference of long and short-term therapy).

Here are a few examples of the types of therapy:

- Psychodynamic therapy, psychoanalytical therapy, transpersonal therapy, and Jungian therapy -These are therapies that stems deep into the past.

- Humanistic therapies -These are client-led therapies (meaning you get to choose whether or not to talk about the past). a good example is person-centred therapy.

- Schema Therapy and Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT) -These are therapies that places a strong focus on client-therapist relationship.

- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), and Acceptance And Commitment Therapy (ACT) -These therapies place a major emphasis on both the present and the future.

- Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) and Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT) -these are therapies that helps you improve on your relationships with others.

- Dialectical therapy -This approach places a strong emphasis on gaining control of your emotional reactions. It is tailored to assist individuals with borderline personality disorder.

- Existential therapy -The focus of this approach is to help individuals identify and examine what makes life meaningful and how they can build lives to what tallies with their values. If you want to also bring in a sense of spirituality, transpersonal therapy may work for you.

In the event whereby you do not seem to know which of the approaches best suits you, an integrative therapist is a very good option. An integrative therapist willincorporate tools from different approaches to best suit your concerns.

If you have a need to talk to someone who truly listens, then getting a therapy would be a wonderful idea. Whether you’re stressed out, negatively affected by a current predicament or past experience or just have a sense that life isn’t just going to go your way, therapy is always a good option to consider.

About The Therapists

Contact us at You can also use the Report button in the therapist profile description. If you feel your therapist has crossed an ethical boundary, you can also lodge an official compliant by reaching out to their professional body.

No. A counsellor, psychotherapist, or counselling psychologist is not allowed to prescribe medication. This can only be done by psychiatrists, who are trained as medical doctors before choosing to focus on mental health disorders.

However, if your therapist feels medication would be of great benefit to you, then you can be referred to a psychiatrist

Absolutely, we only allowed qualified therapist to work on our platform. Our therapists are verified. We ensure they are properly trained and registered with the respected, professional bodies which maintains our ethics and high standards. They are all committed to delivering the best possible care to all clients. You can also check where do they get their certification from in their profile under Certified by.

Sign Up

We’d be sad to see you go but you are free to have you account disabled at any time. Do this by sending us an email at We’ll see to your request and revert with within 10 working days. You can also delete your account by clicking on My account - Account details - Delete my account.

Definitely,you can book just one therapy session. You have no obligation to return.

Yes, you can. Feel free to book a therapy session only for individuals over 18 years of age. However, you are required to have their approval before booking the appointment on their behalf.

Kindly note that you would be held liable for payment if he or she fails to show up for the session or cancels the session within 48 hours prior to the commencement of the booked appointment.

Our platform is absolutely charges-free. The only cost you will incur relates to the rates set by the therapist for sessions

Just your credit or debit card for payment.

When you are ready to book an appointment, you will be required to provide your card details.

Help For Therapists

You are required to be registered with at least one of the following accredited bodies: BACP (registered or accredited members), UKCP, BATN, BPS, HCPC.

- Insurance for private practice

- A neat, well-organized, quiet and professional space from which you can practice (online sessions included)

- Access to super fast internet connection to make for effective online sessions.

Kindly take note that we do not accept therapists facing disciplinary action or under investigation.

Signing up on Inquire Talk is totally free. However, we place a 15% commission charge for each session you deliver on our platform.

Our goal is to build a platform for only the best and top therapists and work extremely hard to maintain this reputation. We’ll delete your account with us for any of the reasons given below:

- Not responding to new booking requests within fivehours on three or more occasions.

- Canceling client bookings with short notice on three or more occasions.

- Attending to a client off the platform.

- Accepting payment directly from a client.

- Failure to make us aware of any investigations conducted your professional body or other agencies.

- Contacts by external authorities over malpractice

- If you do not act in our clients’ best interest.

Please note this list subject to revision and may change at any time as we continue to monitor the therapist performance data.

As a therapist, you are required to taking all reasonable precautions at all times to provide adequate security to all information relating to your clients and our company.

You will be sent an email once a client books an appointment for a session with you.

We would encourage you provide a quick response to confirm the session for the best possible experience.

You are required to provide a response within fivehours (max) to the booking request, even when it is received during working hours.

It is pertinent to keep your availability up to date at all times as clients would expect that your available when they book your free slot on your calendar. To make it easier, you are allowed toconnect your calendar to your Google calendar.

We are fully aware that conflicts can sometimes arise and in some events, clients may ask you to change something about the slot before you’ve had the chance to confirm it.

To solve this issue, we incorporate various options you should look into during your booking confirmation process.

The options are as follows:

**Confirm Session** - Provide immediate confirmation of the booking and send an email to the client informing them of the booking confirmation, your address in case of an in-person session and other details.

**Edit Date/Time** - In the event whereby the client gets in touch with you or there is a conflict with an in-person booking before you are able to update your calendar, simply use this button to edit the session time to suit your schedule.

**Edit location** - simply use this button to change your location if you’re not available at the client’s selected location.

Confirming a session

Once you decide to confirm a session by clicking the “confirm” button, an email will be automatically sent to the client assuring them that their session has been secured.

Rearrange session

Therapists are encouraged to keep their availability up to date to prevent conflicts, and avoid altering already booked sessions for reasons other than the client’s request.

In a situation where there is a change in location, therapists are required to update the session and client would be requested to confirm their concurrence to the change.

In a situation where there is a change in time or date, you will be required to give your client one or more time options. To include an alternative time, simply click on the”Add alternative”button to include the new session information.

Upon completion of the session alternatives list, simply click on the”Offer Alternatives”to notify the client of the offer.

You are required to provide the minimum of one alternative session time, however, we would recommend you offer more thanone to encourage the client to continue with their booking.Clients will be sent an email containing all options provided and be asked to select their most preferred offer.Clients will have a maximum of 24 hours to confirm their most preferred option. Otherwise, the original session booked will be automatically canceled and money refunded, if already charged.

The sessions included in your offer would not appear in your calendar so you can schedule sessions with other clients until the client confirm their most preferred option or upon expiration of the 24 hours limit.

A notification would be sent to you either when your offer expires or the client confirms your request. However, it will be released for alternative bookings if not accepted.

You can always check your dashboard to view the session and all details about your offer.

Until the expiration or acceptance of your offer, the offered session slot(s) will be displayed in your calender.

Client email communication

Using the re-arrangement feature, the reason for the alteration will determine the details contained in the email sent to the client.

If the re-arrangement is done upon client’s request, the client will be sent an email based on whether the change if fueled due to a date or time offer or a location change.In an event where the location has changed, the client will receive an email displaying the change and request their confirmation.

Then, the session detail will be automatically updated. Upon acceptance of the re-arrangement by the client, the session will appear to be confirmed in your dashboard and you will also be notified through an email.

Inquire Talk charges only 15% including VAT for each of your sessions with a client. You will, however, have to pay extra fees to Stripe (who is in charge of handling our payments on credit card), as we do not cover credit card fees. Once the customer is charged, payment will reflect immediately in your Stripe account.

Clients are required to pay while making their first booking. However, they are given a 48 hours grace prior to the commencement of a subsequent session before they’re charged. Therefore, you can be rest assured that a session has been paid for before it’s kick started.

In the event whereby a client’s credit card is rejected, notification to this effect would sent to them and given time to resolve the issue and payment before the session commences. However, if they fail to resolve the payment issue during the time given the session will be automatically canceled

As part of the application process, you are required to create a Stripe account to be able to complete your sign up on Inquire Talk. Your identity will be validated by Stripe, and also connected with your valid bank account. Then, you can easily monitor the rate at which payouts are made from your bank account through the Stripe dashboard.

Payments made by your clients as their session fee will appear in your account with Inquire Talk’s commission already removed.

With the use of our app, all concerns about invoicing, collecting and tracking payments made by clients are completely obliterated. We provide clients with automatic receipts upon payment of the fee. You’ll have full access to your client’s billing history just in case you want to satisfy your curiosity

Clients are allowed to cancel a session if its still over 48 hours prior to commencement of the booked appointment. If not, they will be required to pay. This also involves any in-person session payment already agreed online or phone.

In the event whereby a client cancels the booked session within the 48 hours cushion or fails to show up for the session, kindly make an update on the app as soon as you can.

Payments are made by clients prior to commencement of each session, therefore you will be paid for your booked time -unless, of course, you choose to waive it

In such occasions, you are required to inform your clients immediately and cancel or re-arrange the session through your Inquire Talk dashboard.

If you are affected by your current health or personal circumstances, you can readjust your availability properly. You can take the time off if you feel you can not maintain your usual standards of client’s care, you just need to reflect that in your availability calendar.

We’ll request the contact information for a particular service whenever you set up your location. We’ll send service-specific instructions to your clients. So far you provide your contact information, your clients will be able to locate you. Please make sure you enable secured video session when creating your profile in the Type of Session category. You can offer your online session using our secured video system. Once a client books a session with you using the Secured video call system you can open the chat box in the right corner at the bottom of the page.