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Certified By: BACP
From: Newquay Therapy Centre, Chester Road Newquay, United Kingdom (UK)
Type of session: Via Skype, Secure Video Call, Via Phone
Also speaks: English

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Specialty: Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Grief
Target Age Group: Adult
Therapist Since: 25/04/2018

About Me

Are you sick of being told… “Be strong” or “get on with it” or maybe “give it time” or that old favourite “it will be alright when…”
If so counselling can work for you.          
Suppressing your feelings and just getting on with it is more likely to make things a whole lot worse. There are ways that you can discover with counselling to help you to cope better, lessen your anxieties and fears and create a better well-being.
Although I work with a broad range of clients I have specific knowledge and training working with anxiety, depression, anger and loss. I draw on my whole bunch of life experiences such as being a CFS/Fibro warrior and dealing with my own trauma and cancer experiences.


My Experience

I am trained as a professional Counsellor and Mindful Practitioner.

I also hold certificates in Counselling Theory, Anger Management Counselling, Counselling for Depression, Focusing and Bereavement support.

My continued professional development has included working with art in the therapy room, neuroscience and how it relates to anxiety and the impact of nutrition on mental health and the body.

My Approach

I am a pluralistic person centred counsellor which means that I work with you to help you achieve your goals through talking therapy, grounding techniques, Mindful coping strategies and various tools which I have to hand.