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Certified By: BACP
From: West Street Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre, 11, West Street Fareham, United Kingdom (UK)
Type of session: Via Skype, Secure Video Call, Secure Text Chat, Via Phone, In-Person
Also speaks: English

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Specialty: Abuse, Addiction, Affairs, Anger, Anxiety, Body dysmorphia, Depression, Eating, Family, Fertility, Grief, Health, Mood, Personality disorders, Relationships, Self - Esteem, Sleep concerns, Somatic, Stress, Trauma, Unemployment, Work
Target Age Group: Teenager, Adult, Me and my partner
Therapist Since: 20/06/2007

About Me

I am an approachable and supportive counsellor, who offers personally tailored and non-judgmental counselling to everyone who needs support.

I have been a professional person-centred counsellor for many years and was initially drawn to becoming a counsellor by my life experiences with mental health and disabilities.  I saw first hand the power of the therapeutic relationship and decided that I wanted to train and be able to offer people a place where they could come and just be themselves and talk through whatever was troubling them.


My Certificates

My Experience

I have experience as a primary mental health worker attached to CAMHs, working with disabled people with the Cheshire foundation, as a school counsellor working for childrens services in Winchester, as an associate counsellor at Portsmouth university and as a volunteer counsellor at Portsmouth counselling services.

I have worked in private practice now for approx. 12 years with young people, adults and couples.

I work in local primary and secondary schools with 4-16 year olds.

I have also worked as a counsellor on a substance misuse support programme at Portsmouth counselling service offering time limited counselling support to people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

Having worked previously for many years in industry I’m well aware of the great stresses and strains that people can go through during their working career

My Approach

Deciding on counselling can be a life changing decision, and taking that first step is not an easy task. I understand how hard it might be to acknowledge and talk about the unspoken thoughts and feelings that you have been having, how scary this might be and perhaps the idea of this leaves you feeling vulnerable. As an experienced, empathetic and respectful psychotherapist and counsellor, I can help and support you with whatever is troubling you and has drawn you to consider having some counselling in the first place.

Do you feel that you are never really yourself, that the real you is guarded and hiding? Do you wear a mask?

Sometimes pretending to be someone that you are not can really take its toll and leave you feeling sad, drained and exhausted.

Do you become upset about the way you behave or react to situations? Do you struggle with controlling and understanding your emotions?

The things we say and do can hurt others, but we also end up hurting ourselves, continuing the cycle of pain.

Sharing how you are feeling and thinking in counselling can feel like lifting a weight off your shoulders.  I offer you the opportunity to explore, understand and confront your feelings, thoughts and behaviours in a safe, secure and reassuring environment.


Before you commit to booking a session, I’m more than happy to talk on the phone if you would like, or you can email me.  There’s no charge for either, and it could help you to take the first steps towards finding the peace in your world that you deserve.