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Certified By: BACP
From: 1 Meneth, Gweek Helston, Cornwall, United Kingdom (UK)
Type of session: Via Skype, Secure Video Call
Also speaks: English

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Specialty: Abuse, Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Development disorders, Grief, Identity, LGBTQ, Self - Esteem, Stress
Target Age Group: Adult
Therapist Since: 06/12/1994

About Me

I have been a practising psychotherapist since 1999 with a former career in commerce, and I also maintain an artistic practice alongside my therapy work.  My wide range of life experience helps me to ‘put myself in your shoes’ and empathise with your individual situation in the context of the uncertain and tragic times we find ourselves in.  I understand the difficulties in balancing earning a living, supporting family, ‘holding it all together’  and trying to live an authentic life where you are able to feel more alive, enriched and nourished by your world.  I have a deep interest in nature and ecology as well as the arts, culture, literature and music.   I work with individual adults and couples, as well as having been a tutor on Counselling Skills and Diploma courses.  I work in private practice both online and face to face and have worked in a number of different settings such as an NHS Medical Centre, specialist therapist for Crohns disease at Derriford Hospital, Eating Disorder Support charity and Sexual Abuse Help Centre.

My Experience

I have over twenty years experience of working with individuals in counselling and psychotherapy both in private practice and in a variety of settings.  My work within a GP surgery was to support the doctors with patients who would benefit from some time and space to talk through their difficulties and who I could spend more time with than the busy general practitioners, recognising that health is not only a question of the body but also how the mind and feelings interact with general health.  I have also worked in specialist areas such as eating disorder support and sexual abuse fields.

In private practice I have worked with a full range of the difficulties that people may experience through life and although there are common issues, people are all individual and respond in very different ways and therefore need very specific help and support in order to find their own path going forward.

My Approach

Our work is always carried out in the safe and confidential space of the therapeutic setting.  I work in an integrative way using both a soulful creative approach where use of the imagination, story and arts can enrich our understanding of the path we are on and begin to stitch together some of the gaping wounds, as well as recognising the importance of the developmental field of psycho-dynamic theory and humanistic approaches.  At heart, much of our work is centred on relationship; the relationship of you to yourself and of you to me as your therapist as well as your wider relationships.

Although largely based on talking, therapy works with silence, with imagining, writing, painting, story, role playing, whatever seems most useful to you in your journey.