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Sumeet Grover MBACP

Certified By: BACP
From: 5 Rossmore Road, Marylebone, London, United Kingdom (UK)
Type of session: Secure Video Call
Also speaks: N/A

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Specialty: Anxiety, Depression, Relationships, Self - Esteem, Trauma
Target Age Group: Adult
Therapist Since: N/A

About Me

I offer trauma-informed therapy to adults who are going through a difficult time in life, and who would like to use the therapeutic space in counselling to discover a more calm and comfortable place within themselves. I offer a warm space in therapy where you can begin to explore and talk about things that are bothering you. I offer appointments in London Marylebone, Leighton Buzzard and online, and I am registered with leading insurance providers.

I trained for five years to qualify as a transpersonal psychotherapist at CCPE London. Prior to training as a therapist, I have had a wide exposure in life: I studied a master’s degree in engineering, worked in financial services for a decade, wrote three books of poetry, wrote art & book reviews, been a member of a few international arts and conflict transformation NGOs, and read Buddhist philosophy for fifteen years.

My Experience

Apart from working with clients in my private practice, I have worked with clients in the charity sector in London. I work with clients going through moderate to severe distress, and some of the common issues that I work with are: anxiety, depression, Complex Trauma, relationship issues, survivors of domestic violence and post-traumatic stress.

I help my clients to stabilise their psychological and psycho-somatic symptoms by teaching them self-regulation techniques that are backed by neuroscience research. These techniques include, but are not limited to, trying to activate the regulatory centre of the brain through mindfulness.

In addition to the above client groups, I offer a warm and non-judgemental space in therapy for gay men and LGBT clients.

My Approach

My work is informed by a range of approaches, such as: Psychodynamic, Transpersonal, Jungian, and Trauma approaches. Having a deep understanding of different approaches enables me to get a deeper understanding of the lived experiences and the distress of my clients. Facilitating a space where a mind-body unity can be cultivated forms an important part of my work. This is to help you to feel calm and relaxed not just in your mind, but also in your body.

In addition to long-term psychotherapy, I offer a once-weekly counselling programme of 10 weeks to individuals in order to teach them emotional self-regulation skills that are informed by mindfulness and affect regulation theories.