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Posted: June 18, 2020
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Inquire Talk to release real online therapy session for public.

Real Online Therapy Session with Inquire Talk’s Hypnotherapist Vicki Rebecca and client


Inquire talk has recently announced that they will soon be launching two therapy sessions for public. These would be two sessions of 30 minutes each and it would involve client Mike talking to hypnotherapist Vicki Rebecca. These sessions are invaluable and are going to share plenty of insight into how to deal with the different obstacles that life tends to put us through.

Inquire Talk believes that there are different ways by which one can dive into their past and look for the possible troubles. It is these past encounters that help us deal with the events in the future. These sessions are sure to help people learn some of the best ways of handling the meandering obstacles we face in life.

The sessions dissected

The first thirty minute session between the client and hypnotherapist will deal with learning the right ways by which one can deepen the connection with themselves and thereby gain the right strength and perspective to deal with the different things on a per day basis.

Private counselling

Real, Genuine Online Therapy: 1st session

The second session will shed light on Mnemodynamic psychotherapy and this is the science of using the memory of the unconscious mind and going back to therapist so as to foster healing. Often there are memories in the past that seem to have a bad repercussion on the individual. By using this firm of therapy, the therapist makes the patient dive back to his memory and re-feel the things that may be bothering him.

Public sessions

There are people who cannot really afford therapy and this is why Inquire Talk has been offering the option to clients to release their therapy videos for public so that they can get a discount for their session and this in turns makes it beneficial for both the concerned parties.

With the right video sessions, it gets easier for people to seek the right help. Mental health is a big issue that is troubling too many people and this is why with these online therapy sessions, people can understand the right ways to handle the trouble and deal with it.

Even those who cannot afford the classes and are still seeking help, can go through these publicly released genuine videos of real online therapy sessions and gain the right insight.

There are a lot of other sessions that will be released from time to time based on the clients that agree to release their real online therapy  sessions for public use.  The sole purpose of these video is to educate people about mental health and to create the right awareness as well.

Sometimes all people really need is to find the right kind of help when they are struggling with issues. A little help and the right awareness can create a befitting difference and can sometimes also be as crucial as saving someone’s life.

So, Inquire Talk has taken a step in the right direction and it is hopeful that with more of such sessions, they are likely to trigger the best kind of change for those who are in need of mental help and online therapy can be helpful.

Real, Genuine Online Therapy: 2nd session

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