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Heather Macfarlane

Certified By: COSCA
From: Centre of Theapy, 8 Newton Place Glasgow, Glasgow, United Kingdom (UK)
Type of session: Via Skype, Secure Video Call, Secure Text Chat, Via Phone, In-Person
Also speaks: English

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Specialty: Affairs, Anxiety, Body dysmorphia, Depression, Eating, Family, Grief, Obsessive compulsive disorders, Relationships, Self - Esteem, Stress, Trauma, Work
Target Age Group: Adult
Therapist Since: 30/06/2009

About Me

I believe people seek therapy because they want to make a change in their lives. This can be scary, but having felt overwhelmed and anxious at times myself, I hope to be able to offer a supportive, calm, safe environment for you to explore your issues and work towards the best solution for you.

My Experience

I qualified as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist in 2009 with a COSCA accredited Diploma in Counselling and Groupwork from The Centre of Therapy in Glasgow. Since then I have worked with people on a wide variety of issues including OCD, phobias, general anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, relationships and weight issues.

In addition to 1:1 therapy I have supported trainee therapists with their diploma studies as well as delivering educational and self-help workshops around the topics of anxiety and weight loss.

My Approach

Although my training was in CBT I like to use an integrative approach as we are all different and respond to different ways of working. I use a mixture of acceptance & commitment therapy, mindfulness and compassion focused therapy alongside traditional CBT methods to help get you to where you want to be in life.


  1. 5 out of 5


    Heather is really good at her job! I would highly recommend her