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Certified By: BACP
From: Prospect villa, Fore Street, Fore Street Kingsbrige, Devon, United Kingdom (UK)
Type of session: Via Skype, Secure Video Call, Via Phone, In-Person
Also speaks: English

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Specialty: Addiction, Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Mood, Relationships, Stress, Work, Other
Target Age Group: Adult
Therapist Since: 01/09/2013

About Me

I am a BACP UK registered Counsellor with a wealth of experience in counselling, mental health & well-being, self development and spirituality. I am also a certified Level 5 Coach, a passionate restorative yoga teacher, author of ‘Self Love Shift’, and the creator of ‘Self Love Therapy’.
Being an Integrative counsellor means that I work holistically, in a way that suits your needs, focussing on the here and now, helping you to make sense of your past and individual experiences.
I work with both men and women and currently offer sessions via Zoom, Skype or on the telephone. 

My Experience

I combine 25 years of professional and personal experience, a deep empathetic understanding, intuitive guidance, and a transformative blend of practical and spiritual counselling and coaching approaches.

I have extensive experience of counselling adults and young adults 16+ with anxiety, depression, Bi-Polar, relationship issues, anger, addictions, overwhelm and burn out.

My Approach

I work in a practical and spiritual way, drawing upon a range of therapeutic tools and personal experience.
I always offer a safe space for you to feel heard and supported to find more effective ways of helping yourself to navigate life, regardless of what’s going on.
The way I work goes beyond labels and symptoms, by safely exploring your inner world to help you feel empowered by gaining understanding, self help tools, insight and self awareness.