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Certified By: NCP
From: Ealing, London, United Kingdom (UK)
Type of session: Secure Video Call
Also speaks: English

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Specialty: Anxiety, Depression, Family, Relationships, Self - Esteem, Stress
Target Age Group: Teenager, Adult
Therapist Since: 23/10/2019

About Me

I am a qualified Transpersonal Counsellor, accredited and registered with the the National Council of Psychotherapists. I am located in Ealing, London. I am currently offering online sessions only but I will be doing face-to-face in the future when social distancing is more relaxed.
My Specialties are:

    Self Esteem
    Relationship Issues
    Family Conflict

I believe everyone deserves a chance to be supported. In the past, I’ve had loved ones very close to me who struggled and through my own personal development work, I have realised that the best way to help those around us, is to look at ourselves first.
We can’t change other people or the world around us, but we can change our own perception and experience of the world, by looking at our own issues, even if we think we have none. 
We often wait until we hit rock bottom to seek help, thinking our own struggles are nothing compared to everyone else. I want my clients to know, I am here to support you, no matter how big or small you feel your struggles are.  

If you find yourself in financial trouble, please do no hesitate to email, as everyone deserves to be accommodated.


Available Sunday, Monday and Tuesdays only from 10am.

My Certificates

My Experience

I graduated from a 3-year counsellor training program with Clearmind International Institute in 2019. I have assisted in many of there intense self development workshops and continue to do so. I volunteer with Action for Happiness, running an online monthly meet up session for people in my area and have also run their 8 week Exploring What Matters Course.

My Approach

My therapeutic approach is experiential and incorporates a range of styles and perspectives including:

    Transpersonal Psychology
    Family Systems Theory
    Person Centered
    Gestalt Psychology