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Posted: December 10, 2019
Category: Therapy

Throughout the lifetime of every person, events and situations may occur that can cause anxiety, stress, depression, or any number of other problems including relationship issues or problems involving your career. Counselling and therapy are often able to provide the solutions to these issues but accessing quality counselling and therapy is not always easy.

That’s where you’ll discover the benefits of using Inquire Talk.

We have professional UK therapists who can work with you on almost any issue you can imagine. These are professional and certified therapists so you can be certain that the therapy will be appropriate and relevant. The choice is entirely yours as our system allows you to look through all available practitioners who offer counselling and therapy to choose the one that best meets your needs. This may come down to something as simple as cost, or perhaps the type of session you require or the area that the therapist specialises in.


You can visit the therapist in person, or you can communicate with them through a secure and encrypted video call, or by using Skype. You can alternatively have a conversation via telephone, or there’s even the option of text chat, which many people find easier. This gives you the flexibility to join a counselling and therapy session without having to travel or visit somewhere new, which may be vitally important to you depending on your situation and the problems you are battling against.

Online Counselling Online Therapy

It’s Easy to Obtain Counselling and Therapy

Counselling and therapy sessions are available every day of the week whether in-person or otherwise, and booking is simplicity itself. Once you’ve found the professional you would like to work with, you simply need to make an online payment through our secure payment facility, and that’s it – done. Your session is scheduled, and you simply need to be available at the appropriate time to begin.

We run on a session-by-session basis, which means that there aren’t any hidden fees or charges, and you’re not signing up for a lifetime commitment. You’re simply paying for a counselling and therapy session as you need it, and you can book your next one whenever you want. There’s no pressure, and nothing to worry about.


Online Counselling Online Therapy

Counselling and Therapy in Safety

Not only is your personal safety and happiness assured by the flexible ways in which you can communicate with the therapist, we also value your privacy and the importance of your personal information. Every professional who provides counselling and therapy for Inquire Talk will keep your details and information private and confidential. Anything you share will go no further than the therapist, and your counsellor will always aim to treat you in a positive manner, talking to you in a non-judgemental manner, and empathising with your situation.


This is a truly safe environment that allows you to talk openly about your feelings, your life, and everything else that needs to be discussed.
When you can talk freely and openly with a professional therapist, you’ll find that change and resolution will come much more easily. Ease of access to quality counselling and therapy at a price that fits your budget – that’s the Inquire Talk difference. Add in perfect privacy and an opportunity to make real change in your life, and you’ll see why our platform is the best choice for counselling and therapy.

Inquire Talk

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